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Many supporters have asked about our services and how Mama T’s cares for Ada’s homeless. We accommodate our Guests and provide them with a path to join the Ada community as independent, productive citizens.

When our Guests first arrive, they sit down with a Supervisor to fill out Intake Forms and read the Guest Rules. They must sign their agreement to abide by these Rules to be permitted to stay at the shelter. A simultaneous criminal background check is carried out. To protect our Guests and their children, those with violent or sexual offenses are not permitted to enter the shelter.

The Intake Form provides Mama T’s with important information such as:

  • What circumstances does the person believe has caused him or her to be homeless?

  • Where have they been sleeping?

  • Are they a Veteran or a member of a Native American tribe?

  • Do they have any physical disabilities?

  • Do they have mental/emotional issues and are they on medication?

  • Are they presently under the influence of any illegal substances? If they appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they are given the option to tell the truth or undergo drug and/or breathalyzer testing. If under the influence, they are asked to leave and return when they can test clean. If a person appearing to be under the influence of either alcohol or drugs refuses to be tested, they will not be admitted.

  • All entering Guests must list any medications/vitamins/minerals, whether prescription or over the counter, that they are taking and turn them over to us. The Supervisor counts pills with the Guest in front of a video camera and both parties verify and initial the correctness of the count. Those meds are then placed in a plastic bag with the Guest’s name and are secured in the Supervisor’s Room. During listed hours the Guest may come and ask for the meds. The “baggie” with their meds will be given to the Guest and s/he must take the med/s at the front desk in front of the recording video camera. Both Guest and Supervisor initial the number of pills withdrawn and taken.

Because of the above medication securing requirement, the fact we perform random drug and breathalyzer testing and have both the Ada PD and Chickasaw drug dogs randomly check out the shelter, we are happy to say that we are a drug-free facility.

Every time a Guest enters the shelter with a suitcase, backpack, purse, or other type of luggage, they are checked with a metal detector to ensure no weapons make their way into the shelter. Knives are secured and returned to the Guest upon leaving the shelter. If a gun is found, it is confiscated and reported to the Ada Police Department.

Once the Guest is admitted, s/he is provided with toiletries and clean clothes if needed. Guests are assigned bunks which have numbers corresponding to lockable lockers where they may safekeep any possessions of value. A non-locking bin is also assigned for additional belongings. Guests are directed to the laundry room where they may wash and dry their clothes.

The new Guest will be asked to take the daily required shower and will then be fed a nutritious meal. S/he may then relax in the common area and watch a little TV before it is time for lights out; the day has ended.

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