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As a supporter of Mama T’s, our hearts remain with you and your families.  In moments that separate us, we unite as one. 

We continue to closely monitor the coronavirus outbreak and take steps to ensure the health and safety of our guests, employees, and supporters of Mama T’s.

With great disappointment, we have had to postpone or cancel many Mama T’s fundraising events.  While we plan to move some events online, the revenue will simply not be the same, and it will likely be this way for a long while.  We are writing to ask for your help to recover anticipated revenue shortfalls.

The guests of Mama T’s, fighting homelessness – and often addiction, loss of jobs, mental illness – face uncertainty and risk every single day.  By cancelling these fundraising events, we are faced with losing critical fundraising dollars enabling us to help our guests in their quests for independence from the problems holding them hostage.

But homelessness does not wait … no matter the circumstances.


So I am asking you to please, if you are able, open your heart and send a gift of $25, $50, $100, $150, or $200 to help the individuals fighting to transform their lives and leave the shelter prepared to lead independent, healthy lives as productive members of our community.

For those of you who planned to attend a local fundraising event, we thank you for understanding our need to postpone or cancel and hope to see you soon.

Your dedication to our life changing mission is the kind of devotion that will help us bring about positive, permanent change in the lives of our guests.

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Mama T’s needs you now more than ever.

In these uncertain times, one thing remains certain – we will not stop.  We will continue to offer hope to those who may have lost it.  We will continue to recognize the value and potential of every person who comes through our doors.

So many of our guests, during their isolating journeys, have expressed how much it means to them to know that caring people from across our community, from all over the country, are with them.  They feel your love and support.  It provides them with hope, now more than ever.

You are such an important part of the Mama T’s family, and once again, we extend our caring thoughts to you for your health and safety.

If you have been wondering what you can do and how you can help, please consider a gift right now to support our ongoing efforts to serve the homeless with help, hope, and healing.

Please, won’t you send a gift to help Mama T’s guests transform their lives?

We remain ever vigilant to ensure Mama T’s can impact these men, women, and children who come seeking help.  Thanks to you, our life changing work continues.  Together, nothing is impossible.

Blessed in Caring for Ada’s Less Fortunate,

Dania Deschamps-Braly

Please Donate by Clicking  HERE


Send a check to:

Mama T's B&B

Post Office Box 1524

Ada, OK 74821

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