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success stories

Because success stories are relatively rare for residents of homeless shelters, Mama T's is very proud of our success rate which is significantly higher than the national average.  

Almost summer 2024

Spring has sprung and summer’s not yet a bummer. After that pathetic rhyming start, I will tell you that Mama T’s is at capacity. The bad weather we have lately been experiencing probably has something to do with it. Though oven hot temperatures haven’t yet descended upon us, not too many of our homeless, hardy as they might be, wish to sleep outside and face the danger of being blown away and/or bonged on the head with a Goliath-sized piece of hail.


Though it is true that a few of the individuals staying with us at present would not have entered our door were they not coerced by the weather, we are okay with that. It gives us,  and those who are here to better their lives, an opportunity to infuse the unwilling newcomers with the same ambition and frame of mind to start their own journeys into independence.   Fortunately, we have more success stories to share and celebrate with you, as  those Residents who have moved on from Mama T’s have provided us with additional beds needed for new Intakes. Below are two of those:

Adam I. -  After losing his job and getting evicted, Adam turned to Mama T's for help. He wasted no time in finding a new job at Mercy Hospital and never missed a shift. Through hard work, he received raises and a promotion, and was able to catch up on his car payments. Eventually, Adam was able to rent a tiny home and continues to thrive months after leaving Mama T's.

Ross W. - After a brief stay in the Pontotoc County jail and joining drug court, Ross found his way to Mama T's determined to make positive changes. Despite missing the birth of his second daughter while in jail, Ross quickly transitioned to working at a local furniture store and saving up to move into a sober living facility. His dedication paid off when he landed a welding job with a substantial pay increase. Ross successfully completed drug court and now enjoys a fulfilling life, spending quality time with his two daughters.

spring 2024

Daylight Saving Time is here, the sun shines brightly, birds rouse us with varied musical songs and everywhere daffodils’ yellow smiles are blooming. Spring has announced its arrival, and it seems time for more feel good stories about Mama T’s residents who are no longer in need of an emergency shelter roof over their heads, who have worked their way out of our Transitional Living Community and are on their way to independent living for themselves and/or their families. So….here we go:


DAKOTA G  – came thru Mama T’s three times. On the first  two occasions he failed to reach his stated goals – once leaving of his own accord; on another occasion he was asked to leave for a violation of the rules. His third stay at our facility was the magic charm brought about by his new attitude. He did everything he said he would. He obeyed all the rules. He got a job and saved money. He moved into a better job where the pay was better, and again saved. He has now moved out to an apartment and has shared custody of his son. He is taking care of the boy, setting a good example and leading a rewarding life.

We knew you could do it once you made up your mind. Congratulations, Dakota!!

JENNIFER B – moved out of a bad relationship and came to Mama T’s, broke and looking to find a temporary home where she could build a better life for herself. She quickly found a job at a fast food restaurant two miles from our building. She did not have a car, so every day – rain, shine or  bitter cold - she would walk the two miles to work and back again. She never missed a shift, saved her earnings and, with help from the Chickasaws, was able to obtain low cost housing. She is content and looking forward to what the future holds.

May the sun continue to shine brightly for you, Jennifer.

ZACK S – After initially arriving at Mama T’s without a home or a  job and addicted to drugs, Zack has shown remarkable determination and perseverance. While staying clean from all mind-altering substances, he secured work at a local café and pursued employment opportunities with the Chickasaw Nation, eventually landing a job with the Nation. After ten months of hard work, Zack has saved up enough money to rent his own apartment and move out of Mama T’s. He has chosen to enter a work  program with the Chickasaw Nation, and Mama T’s is proud to see Zack thriving and continuing to succeed.

Good for you, Zack. Keep up your new good life!  

BRIAN H – One of our prior success stories continued to do so well that Mama T’s hired him as a part-time supervisor. He was doing a super job and personally enjoyed his employment; however, it was short lived. Brian had previously had heart issues and was making an effort to eat well, take his medications and routinely exercise. Apparently, that was simply not enough and his heart issues came back to haunt him, making it necessary for him to leave his employment with us. He is expecting to  need a serious operation. We are  praying that everything ultimately works out well for him and hope you will join us by keeping him in your prayers.

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