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No one aspires to being homeless; dreams don’t include living on the streets. However, due to economic circumstances, loss of  jobs, mental illnesses, addictions or poor choices, this nightmare becomes a hopeless reality for many. That’s where Mama T’s B & B comes in. Our shelter offers hope to those who may have lost it. We hold out a helping hand to anyone reaching for a better life and willing to work for it.


The Staff and Volunteers at Mama T’s recognize the men and women who come seeking help are in many ways just like the rest of  us.  While some are without jobs, many do have jobs that simply do not pay enough to support the families who depend on them.  They need guidance to save money and qualify for low-cost housing. Veterans, who honorably served their country in times of war, but who have not received needed benefits after their time of service, account for 13% of the nation’s homeless.  The economy has sometimes lead to layoffs, which causes mortgage foreclosure when the laid-off employee can no longer make payments.  There but for the grace of God go you or I.

Those who come to seek our help are struggling to rebuild lives shattered by joblessness, foreclosures, addictions, medical problems, bankruptcies and personal tragedies.  They want to do better BUT they need support.  At Mama T’s B & B we provide a helping hand.  We do not impose our faith beliefs on anyone; like Mother Teresa, we serve all of God’s children regardless of their faith or lack thereof.  However, if a guest feels the need for spiritual guidance, a pastor from a faith of their choosing will be called in to assist.  We use all means possible to help people transform from the inside out.


Many of the Staff and Volunteers have “been there, done that,” have undergone the nightmares many of our guests now face.  They have left hopelessness and homelessness behind and are now successful in their personal and professional lives.  Their experiences have given them a heart for helping those in need; they want to see guests succeed and are a wonderful example of how far a person can come if they try hard enough.  Our Staff and Volunteers look past the circumstances and stereotypes and see the inner human being.  They recognize the value and potential of every person who comes through the door at Mama T’s.  It is the goal of our shelter to bring about positive, permanent change in the lives of our guests.

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