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Mama T's B & B is not for the chronically homeless who intend to remain that way.  We are here to give:


Imagine you’re on the streets with no home to go to, no money and no one to help you. Where will you sleep tonight? Where will your next meal come from? How can you keep your children safe? Who can you trust? Will you be robbed as you sleep?  


Everyone needs a safe, warm place to sleep and food in their stomach so they can rationally give thought to what steps to take next in their lives. Without the basic physical necessities of life, it’s hard to think straight. Mama T’s provides heat and air; clean bunks, nutritious meals, a lockable locker for safekeeping of valuables, a bin for storage of clothes, use of a washer and dryer, a monthly limited wellness check by a volunteer Registered Nurse and/or physician, playground equipment for the children, and a deck and television for relaxation.


Mama T’s tries to meet everyone where they are at in their lives. We have a variety of emergency and extended stay services to assist each homeless person’s unique situation. Our goal is to connect men and women with community resources, including referrals to in and outpatient Addiction Recovery Programs, to counsel them in the right direction and to provide individualized programs needed to lead a life of stability and self-sufficiency. Which services are required is determined on a case-by-case basis.

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