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Have a question about Mama T's?  Below are some answers to the questions asked most frequently, but we are always happy to answer any additional questions. You can contact us at 580-495-1559 or email us at:

  • Does a person have to be a Christian to receive services?
    No. Mama T’s is a God-centered organization but services are provided to all regardless of their faith or lack thereof.
  • Is Mama T's tied to any particular church?
    No, again Mama T’s is God-centered but not tied to any one church or denomination. Mama T’s encourages and receives support from many of the different denominations in Ada.
  • Is Chapel attendance mandatory for clients to stay at the shelter?
    No. We do not presently have scheduled chapel services due to the lack of space at the shelter. If a guest feels they need spiritual guidance, they can advise the Supervisor on duty and arrangements will be made to call in a representative from the church of the guest’s choice. A list will be posted on the bulletin board of any churches willing to transport guests to their worship services. If a guest wishes to participate, they need to let the Supervisor know several days in advance so the selected church may be notified to come pick up the guest at the appropriate day and time.
  • How do I know how my donation is being spent?
    If a donation is unspecified and not restricted, it will be used where it is most needed. You may, however, restrict your gift and specify how you wish your contribution to be utilized. You may follow along on our website where we will periodically be providing information about how we spend the money that is generously donated to us. Additionally, we are a 501(c)(3) organization and are required to annually provide the IRS with a Form 990 which sets forth our financial information. This form can be accessed at any time on the Internet. We will also begin posting that form next year on our website.
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