Mama T’s exists to help those who find themselves homeless by temporarily providing for their physical needs while simultaneously assisting them in finding ways out of the circumstances that hold them captive, be it poverty, addiction, lack of education, lack of job skills, health issues and many more.

Mama T’s mission is to lead our community’s efforts to serve the homeless with help, hope and healing.  The broad goal of Mama T’s “Hand-Up Not a Hand-Out” shelter is to transform the lives of those who come to us so they may leave the shelter as quickly as possible, prepared to lead independent, healthy lives as productive members of our community.


Mother Teresa was the inspiration behind the name, Mama T’s.  She dedicated her life to serving the less fortunate of God’s children, regardless of their faith or lack thereof.


Built on a foundation of hope, Mama T’s provides safe shelter, meals and services to the homeless and hungry.  As we meet the physical needs of those we care for, we also address the deeper issues that have held them captive – be it addictions, mental and emotional problems, joblessness, anger management, language barriers, etc., to help them transform their lives and reconnect with the world.  We have a confident expectation a life can change.


Our shelter residents will have ten days upon arrival to enter into a Plan for Independence, working with a Case Manager to select classes and/or programs which can help them become self-sufficient adults capable of attaining fruitful and independent lives.


After the ten days, it will be the guest’s choice whether to stay and be willing to work hard and learn or to leave the shelter and find other options.