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Lisa came to Mama T's in a state of mental disarray. She had been living with mental health issues for many years without medication. She is hearing impaired; limited hearing, coupled with mental health issues, had taken a toll on her. After seeing a doctor and being stabilized on appropriate medication, Lisa was able to obtain hearing aids. Subsequent to being approved for disability payments, Lisa made the decision to move into an interim facility rather than jumping directly into completely independent living. She felt she needed a bit of continued structure for a period of time. She is a completely different person from the forlorn lady who first appeared at our door. She continues to make great strides and has become very active in a local church. Lisa is a giving person and welcomes any chance to return to the shelter to give back in thankfulness for the helping hand she received. She always has a smile on her face, shows a positive attitude, and has a big hug for anyone who needs it. Lisa has become a shining success star in the Mama T’s sky.

Image by Juskteez Vu
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