MaMa T's B & B is not for the chronically homeless who intend to remain that way.

We are here to give:


  1. When a person comes in to the shelter, they are given a booklet  listing all of the resources that are available in our town, whether it is relating to drug or alcohol abuse, anger management, language barrier, etc and which are available free of cost – The incoming guest will have seven days within which to determine which one, or more, of those programs will help them on the road to becoming independent, productive members of the community.

  2. If the person selects one or more programs, they will be permitted to stay so long as s/he is attending and making progress as evidenced by reports from the Directors of the programs being attended. That could be as long as a year or more.

  3. If a guest refused to take advantage of available courses, then they will be asked to leave and seek other options. They will be informed upon admittance that on the morning of the eighth day, if they have not implemented a plan, they must leave by 9:00 a.m.

  4. A guest will also have seven days after entering the shelter, working with the Executive Director and/or Administrative Assistant, both of whom act as Case Managers,  to formulate a "Plan for Independence" that will help him/her move out of homelessness and into independence. Guest will list the programs in which s/he wishes to  participate as outlined in the booklet provided to him or her and determine guest's disposable income after required weekly/monthly payment of debts. Together with the Executive Director and/or Administrative Assistant Guest will determine what amount of money Guest needs to keep for incidental expenses. Anything over and above that the Guest must place in a savings account to assist in his/her transition to independent living when Guest leaves the shelter. Copies of bank statements must be provided to shelter staff and will be placed in the Guest's folder. 

  5. Our guests, if able, are expected to be searching for employment during the time that they are not in counseling or classes. If requested, help with resumes & interview clothing will be provided. A weekly report must be turned in to the Executive Director setting forth where a shelter guest has applied and the results of each of the interview/s.

  6. There will be no aimlessly walking the streets. If not occupied by counseling, program attendance or searching for employment, guests will remain at the shelter performing such chores and maintenance as is requested of him or her by staff. Permission to attend  outside activities, such as visits with friends,  movies, parties etc., must be requested at least 48 hours in advance and must be okayed by a Supervisor, the Administrative Assistant or the Executive Director.  

  7. If a guest is prevented by age or disability from seeking employment, that guest will cooperate with shelter staff as they attempt to find a long term facility that can house that guest for the remainder of their lifetime.

  8. All income, be it from employment, Social Security, Disability, etc., must be reported at the time of Intake. SNAP/FOOD STAMPS are not counted as income.

  9. At Intake you must report all payments you are required by law to be making – child support, fines, automobile payments, insurance, debts of any kind. 

  10. If circumstances beyond your control prevent you from complying with a plan you have formulated, you must speak with the Administrative Assistant or Executive Director for help in modifying the plan.

  11. If you refuse to formulate a plan or refuse, without good reason, to comply with a plan you have formulated, you will be given 7 days to leave the shelter.